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In the mean time

Some people are not ready to jump into the 6-week program, so I created a mini version for you to try out and experience results.


This is how you can go from stressed out to feeling calm and taking on life's challenges with ease and consistency.  

What you will get and understand by the end of this giuide:

What is that root cause blocking your progress How to build your resillience to overcome y

After your purchase, you will recieve an email with instructions on how to access the course, check your spam if you do not see it! Save your username & password to access your offer!

If you later on decide to join the 6-week program, your investment will be subtracted from the program's amount. 

Join the waiting list for my guided course here:

Reviews from the 6-week program where this workshop derives from:

You will learn in the program:
1. How to catch your negative thoughts before it’s too late

2. How to reframe your thoughts

3. The most powerful tool I use to rewire my brain

What makes this program different:

There are great workshops, training programs out there full of know-how and theory. Although they may be great, they tend to have a short lasting effect because there is little individual guiding on how to practice what you learn and that is where this program comes in.  


In this program you will be guided through your simple daily practice to start building your mental strength to overcome the power of your judge and the rest of the saboteurs.  

This means, you will not just get input but also guided through the exercises and a weekly group meeting to talk about the progress and challenges.  And you will love the sense of community. 

Who is this program best for:

This program works if you put in the reps.  I've had a few client's who are not willing to do the work and that's fine because we want everyone to feel good and want to see positive changes in their lives and sometimes people are just not ready for it.  They all got their full refund when they canceled within the first week.

We are on a mission to change the way people think and feel about themselves and we would love for you to be part of the massive positive change in the world. 

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