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Years of experimentation and research  in 5 minutes. 

Thank me later!

The Promise

Find out who's behind your negative feelings.

Does your life seem normal on the outside but inside of you is a different story?  You constantly doubt yourself when making decisions or going after your goals and dreams?  


When you sit down to finally do it, you feel lost and don't know where to begin. This makes you feel even worse about yourself and you are tired of this pattern.  

You know you can achieve more in life but don't know what is keeping you away from achieving it...


In this 5 minute assessment you will finally find out what is really sabotaging you and preventing you from feeling good enough.


My name is Jeury Tavares and I am a Mental Fitness Coach who helps people like you feel good about yourself by stopping your negative thoughts pattern.

Enjoy discovering what's or better say who's behind your negative emotions.

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