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Clubhouse psychological tactic to gain followers and contributors “simply Genius”

Clubhouse is the new app on the market giving people a feeling of digital freshness. It is an audio-only app where you get to listen to people (especially your favorite celebrities) speak about a plethora of topics. You can just be a fly on the wall or raise your hand and join the conversation if the hosts allow you.

In order to understand how Clubhouse works, it is best to Imagine walking into a house with many rooms filled with people having conversations about a specific topic. As you walk down the hallway you have the opportunity to see what the topic is and enter any room. You are also allowed to create your own profile and create a room.

People in your contact list that are on Clubhouse Currently available rooms to step in and listen

What is so special about Clubhouse and why are a lot of people talking about it?

Clubhouse has been pitched as an exclusive platform due to “their server capacity”. It is invite only which means someone has to invite you to join and let’s be honest here who doesn’t want to feel part of the “cool crowd”?

In terms of the marketing psychology it is genius although nothing new since we can remember this was facebook’s original method as well as other apps like “bestsecret”. It provides people with the feeling of exclusivity or VIP status. Each person gets a maximum of 2 invites and that’s it. There have been rumors that people have paid up to 5,000 dollars for an invite.

FOMO (fear of missing out) plays an important role here as well. Since people missed the TikTok wave, this app can be their redemption.

When we see such digital trends, we must keep in mind that everyone has their own reason for joining or rejecting something. For example, some people (me included) find it useful to learn about their market. Today, I had the opportunity of joining an HR group where they talked about the impacts of the C word in the HR world. I learned a few things in terms of how HR managers are thinking at the moment.

As an avid learner and curious person, I wanted to think about how these tactics could be utilized in other areas of business such as Change Management and here is my take on it:

Clubhouse Change Management

Celebrities / influencers Managers, Leaders, People who are listened to.

Exclusivity Giving employees a feeling of being part of the Change inner circle

Rooms Meetings /intranet- Leaders openly share their ideas and the WHY

Followers/following Who’s working on what? / Team?

In conclusion, Clubhouse seems like a very promising app. Being able to hear other experts share their knowledge is a positive aspect. One should tread carefully in the digital world and remain being the app user and not being used. On the Change Management side, it is great to see what drives people to adopt something and rave about it. Clubhouse’s tactics are working very well.

Till next time.


Jeury Tavares


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