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2 steps on how to cope with anxiety

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

As we have felt in the past few weeks, our world has taken an unexpected turn. Businesses and freelancers have been losing revenue due to a plethora of reasons, will feel it even more in the upcoming weeks due to the global shutdowns in order to keep the virus down. This leaves the door wide open for anxiety to walk right in. So how can we not just cope with what is happening at the moment but actually come out of this one in one piece? The easy answer is to think about the good things in life but as the phrase goes “easier said than done”. Although it is important to keep positive, that should be the third step into really getting a hold of your anxiety. I remember meditating the other day where the instructor continued to say “empty your mind and release the stress… Don’t think about it and release your body” (along those lines). And although I was able to release the stress and empty my mind, once those thoughts came back into my mind I was back at the start of the exercise. Step 1: The first part of the exercise was definitely helpful which is one of the two steps I wanted to share with you today. It was all about breathing. Controlled breathing. Slowly counting up to four and releasing the breath counting down to 0. Breathe in 1. 2. 3. 4. Release 4. 3. 2. 1. 0 and repeat over and over. This was great and especially when my mind was empty. Step 2: The second part of the exercise which I had to take from other coaching methods was to instead of avoiding the problem we should welcome it to our minds and accept the situation. This does not mean to be okay with the damage it is causing but to simply acknowledge that it exists in our realm of reality. While keeping the breathing tempo, I continued to visualize things and accept them using phrases such as “yes I see you” / “it is okay that this exists” “this is normal and it is here to make me become an even better person”. I felt my chest no longer tensing up. I was able to keep my body relaxed and breathe at the tempo described above. Once you have accepted the issue at hand for what it is: just an issue in your long life, you will then have the real opportunity to think positive outcomes and with that figure out a way to achieve such desired positive result. That's when imagination kicks in. If it doesn't then repeat the two steps above until you truly accept the situation. It is much easier to fix something in your life if you can use all your energy to fix the problem and not actually think about the problem. We have a certain amount of energy each day and we must properly allocate it and use it the right way if we want to see results. Let me know if you have any other methods that help you deal with anxiety. Thanks for reading and sharing this post with someone that may benefit from it.

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