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  • Deal with life's challenges

  • Make better decisions

  • Have better relationships with your loved ones

  • Control of your emotions and feel calmer

  • Achieve more in life without the extra stress

Welcome Video

I find it so inspiring to spend time with someone like you who wants to be in control of your thoughts and move through life challenges with ease. So thank you for this opportunity.


To get to know each other better, I'll be holding a special 45-minute live call on Thursday, September 23rd where

you can ask me any questions about the program.


These will be fun and interactive sessions because there I answer your questions directly.

Get to know each other meeting


We will have a "get to know each other" 60 minute live call on:


Date: Tuesday, January 4th from 19:00-20:00


Where: Online Via Zoom


Our Zoom Meeting will always be:


I will also show you the app and how to best use it (it's pretty simple).


Don't forget to set the date on your calendar.

Weekly live Q&A with Jeury

Introduction meeting on Tuesday, January 4th 2022 at 19:00 (Berlin, DE - UTC +1 ).

Zoom link:

8-Week Program (in the app) Starts Saturday, January 8th, 2022.

We will have a weekly call to discuss questions and your experience (not mandatory to join us).




Tuesdays at 20:00-21:00  (Berlin UTC+1 ) (12:00 EST New York).

1.  January 11th, 2022

2. January 18th, 2022

3. January 25th, 2022

4. February 1st, 2022

5. February 8th, 2022

6. February 15th, 2022


Our Zoom Meeting will always be:               Meeting ID: 771 970 8572

Jeury Tavares is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: PQ 8 week program
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime


Attendance is not required, but I love hearing from you live with your fellow teammates whenever your schedule allows.

Why 8 weeks instead of just 6? Because you will have two extra weeks with me where we get on the phone in a 1 on 1 coaching conversation if you wish.  This is my extra gift to you for participating.

Program Resources

The PQ Coaching Grant Program is designed to generate substantial (not incremental) improvement in both

performance and happiness. You'll rewire your brain by increasing muscle power (neural pathways) for Sage

and Self-Command. To build these muscles, you'll need daily practice.


In committing to the program, you're agreeing to:


1.  Listen to the first 8 chapters of the book inside the app or download the book here.

2. Download the app here and use the mobile app every day.


The PQ App allows you to access your daily mental fitness exercises, coach challenges, and journal.


Please download the app and register using the email address where you're receiving this message.


3. Watch the weekly video sessions.

4. Pod agreement signature


You will receive your first video to watch on Saturday,  8th January 2022. Each Saturday, you will get a new video that explains what your week awaits. 


The videos are broken into segments to fit into your busy schedule. You have the weekend through Monday to watch them.

Make a note in your calendar to remind yourself to watch the latest videos when they're made available.

Your 6 Week breakdown

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+49 151 56014085



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