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Strengthen your mind.
Deal with stressful or negative situations with ease.

Overcome Your Negative Thoughts And Emotions

​This 6-week mental fitness program is a breakthrough, research-based approach that provides you with the tools to strengthen the part of your brain that serves you and quiet the part that sabotages you. 

You learn to handle life’s challenges with a more positive mindset that results in less stress through purely guided practice in the palm of your hands.

The difference in this program is that it is 80% practice-based and just 20% insight-based.  You will get to practice the exercises to strengthen your brain throughout the day for a period of 6 weeks.

Most attempts at positive change fail because we stop at insight and don’t build habits. Sustained change towards a more positive mind requires building new habits that help you achieve that.  And that’s what our program design empowers you to do.

Better yet, you will have access to the entire program for an entire year so that you can continue to revisit the exercises as you please.  You will also get to join community where we meet every month after the program to share our experience.

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Your Stress Factors Origin

Your mind is constantly sabotaging your potential for both performance and happiness.

All your negative emotions including stress, self-doubt, procrastination, and anxiety are the result of self-sabotage. There is an effective way to minimize them.

Mental Fitness Program will help you...



Increase your
Emotional Energy and Effectively

Improve ability to think clearly in challenging situations

Increase Teamwork and Collaboration




Discover the program running in your mind and bod connection

Improve your sleep, self-care and self-empathy

Feel more energized and more at peace



Discover the 3/1 Positive to Negative Ratio required in healthy relationships with yourself and with others


6-Week Program Reviews


What Makes This Program Special

Develop All 3 Core Muscles

Mental fitness strengthens your Interceptor, Self-Command, and Sage muscle.


Meditation only focuses on Self-Command, which is why it is important to add complementary exercises that are integrated into this program.

Treat The Root Cause, instead of the Symptoms


This 6-Week program focuses on your root-level enablers and disablers of optimal performance and wellbeing.  

That's why this program focuses on guided exercises so that you can build neural pathways that form lasting new habits. That’s why we call this “mental fitness”.

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Track Your  Progress

You’ll feel motivated through instant feedback on exactly how much progress you’re making towards building the 3 core muscles of mental fitness. Brain rewiring may be visible in MRI imaging within 8-weeks.

Community Support

We help you establish a support and accountability group with other program participants. Research has shown this to be a critical success factor for establishing lasting new positive habits of the mind.


Community Support

You will be part of an accountability group with other program participants. Research has shown this to be a critical success factor for establishing lasting new positive habits of the mind.

That is why you and your group members will be meeting each week via Zoom to discuss the progress and connect with one another.

Apply it in these areas of your life

Positive Intelligence is an operating system with many applications. In the first six weeks, you develop your 3 core mental muscles. In subsequent weeks, modules in the app and together with Jeury, you learn to use them in a variety of work and life applications. You continue to grow.

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Enroll Today

And get to be part of an extra two weeks after the program where jeury will run group coachings where we explore your topic even deeper so that we can create massive change in your life and those of the community.


What becomes possible for you, in achievement, peace of mind, wellness, and in your relationships when you take charge of your mind instead of it running you?

Make a commitment now to boost your mental fitness with this 6-Week Program.

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