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Welcome to the journey where you get to find solutions to your challenges,  overcome your limiting beliefs, discover new possibilities, and create lasting positive change in your life.  

In my role as your coach, I accompany you through the process of seeing things from a different perspective, getting unstuck, and spark action within you so that you can take your life and business to the level you truly desire.

 Key points include:

  • Gain clarity about what you really want in life.

  • Form a solid plan, find the strategies you need, and find the courage within you to make your desires a reality.

  • Our coaching sessions are private and in a safe environment.


Learn to communicate with clarity and certainty.  Optimize your soft skills, build relationships and convey complex material that is easy to understand.  Discover ways to project confidence and enthusiasm while building credibility.


  • Learn techniques to overcome the fear of speaking in front of audiences in a different language.

  • Explore techniques to overcome adverse situations and motivate people to embrace change and take action!​

  • Your audience will view you as prepared, informed, and confident.

  • You’ll see measurable gains in communication, personal and corporate image, and ultimately, your bottom line.


The rewire seminar is all about YOU! 

In 3 day seminar, you will get the space to deeply connect with yourself, uncover what is really important to you and your future without the daily distractions such as work and social media. 


  • Connect with your inner self

  • Analyze your life direction. 

  • Work on the areas of your life where you need most. 

I accompany my clients in finding their inner courage, get off the auto-pilot mode so that they can start taking control of their future. 
My focus as a coach, is to assist my clients in gaining clarity about what they want in life and to find out the strategies how to successfully achieve it.
As a trainer, I provide workshops and seminars that help my clients present themselves better, gain the confidence and techniques to give engaging presentations and increase their personal development.
I am passionate about getting results!
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Word on the Street:

Communication Training

You are really a great trainer, who identifies the weaknesses and fields of action and who has a lot of patience. Thanks for that - thanks to you I was able to improve my English skills in a very short time.


—  Christian B, International Sales


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Reprogram Your Mind for Positive Thinking and Energy

Reprogram Your Mind for Positive Thinking and Energy

We have a limited amount of energy per day and we must use it carefully. We have a true capacity to create change in our lives as long as we use the energy for that purpose. The opposite is also true. If we continuously use the energy to think about how bad things are and how far we are away from our goal then the result will be more negative thoughts. To me, "fear is creating your worst future scenario". This limits us when it comes to taking action and working towards our dream. What kind of thoughts are you feeding your mind? The more you watch the news and listen to negative people, the more your fear increases and ultimately paralyzes you. What is this costing you? How about we decide today to channel our energy towards pure positivity. The alternative is that we stay where we are or simply get worse. So stand up for yourself today and tell yourself that you refuse to let fear and negativity influence your day. Website: Instagram: jeury_tavares For more videos and my blog, please visit my website listed above PS: Remember that you are the director of your life. It is time for you to get behind that camera called life and create your legacy. Wir haben eine begrenzte Menge an Energie pro Tag, und wir müssen sie sorgfältig einsetzen. Wir sind wirklich in der Lage, Veränderungen in unserem Leben herbeizuführen, solange wir die Energie für diesen Zweck nutzen. Auch das Gegenteil ist der Fall. Wenn wir die Energie kontinuierlich nutzen, um darüber nachzudenken, wie schlecht die Dinge stehen und wie weit wir von unserem Ziel entfernt sind, dann wird das Ergebnis mehr negative Gedanken sein. Für mich ist "Angst Ihr schlimmstes Zukunftsszenario". Das schränkt uns ein, wenn es darum geht, Maßnahmen zu ergreifen und auf unseren Traum hinzuarbeiten. Mit welchen Gedanken füttern Sie Ihren Verstand? Je mehr Sie die Nachrichten sehen und negativen Menschen zuhören, desto mehr nimmt Ihre Angst zu und lähmt Sie letztlich. Was kostet Sie das? Wie wäre es, wenn wir uns heute entscheiden würden, unsere Energie auf reine Positivität zu lenken. Die Alternative ist, dass wir dort bleiben, wo wir sind, oder einfach schlechter werden. Setzen Sie sich also heute für sich selbst ein und sagen Sie sich, dass Sie sich weigern, Angst und Negativität Ihren Tag beeinflussen zu lassen.
It's okay to feel unhappy