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The 3-Day
"Quiet  your
Inner Critic "

LIVE Workshop

 Challenge starts on October 25th and ends on October 27th 

​How to break free from your procrastination.

You will learn the exact 3 steps I used to go from procrastinating to enjoying the tasks to make my goals a reality. 

The Inner Critic At It's Best.

Waking up in the morning thinking about all the things you need to get done and feeling overwhelmed even before the day starts is certainly not fun.

then having a voice pointing out what you are doing wrong and how you are not good enough leads you to doubt yourself and your abilities. To top it all off, you are pressured to keep it a secret in front of anyone.  You know making it look like you have everything under control yet deep inside you want to just scream!

The fear of being seen as a failure and being liked by others pushes you to work harder, neglect self-care, and bury the real you to the point where it is draining all your energy. 


You would rather show up as whom you are with your flaws and uniqueness without having to worry about what people think of you.

You want to stop second-guessing yourself and others by focusing more on the possibilities rather than the risks ahead.

And continuously react to life and its challenges with a more positive attitude so that you can finally enjoy your time on this earth instead of having to worry and stress about everything. 

That is exactly what this workshop is about.

Here is what you will learn in this Live Workshop:

  • The Exact Steps For How To identify your inner critic before it takes over you and your emotions. 

  • ​How to take control when your inner critic tries to use fear and stress to steer you away from taking action.

  • Understand your mental programming and how to shift into your FLOW channel.

  • The system that over 500 thousand people have used to take continous action.

  • How to reduce your level of stress and anxiety.

  • ​​Q&A session at the end of every live meeting where you can ask your burning questions.

  • Access to the facebook Rewire Community private group

Staff Meeting

And here is a Sneak Peek into the step by step "Quiet Your Inner Critic" Challenge on October 25th, 26th & 27th!

Day 1 :

Tuesday 12:00-13:30
Identifying your Inner Critic before it's too late

Day 2:

Wednesday 12:00-13:30
Strengthening your inner wise voice

Day 3:

Thursday 12:00-13:30
How to implement it in everyday life

Reviews from the 6-week program where this workshop derives from:

Frequently asked questions

Will this challenge work for me?

Over 500k people have gone through this material through Positive Intelligence and they have had a massive positive impact in their lives. 

What makes this challenge special is that you will be working on the root cause of your negative emotions instead of treating the symptom. 

What is the challenge schedule exactly?

This challenge was designed to be completed within 3 days. We recommend that you follow this timeline to make the most out of your momentum.

Day 1 Training (Tuesday 18:00-20:00)

Day 2 Training  (Wednesday 18:00-20:00) (Bonus Q&A after our session ends 20:00-20:30)
Day 3 Training and challenge closing

What if I cannot make it to the live workshop?

All live sessions from the Quiet Your Inner Critic Challenge are recorded, and will be placed for replay in our private facebook group, which is a valuable way for you to network with fellow participants and help each other along your short journey!

From 595.00 Euros to just 47.00 Euros? What's the catch here?

If When I do this seminar at organizations, they invest 595.00€ per participant for a maximum of 10 in a room.  Since we will do it online, more of you can join because most likely you will be the one investing in learning about how to disempower your inner critic and achieve more in your life.

How do refunds work?

For the price of a meal at a restaurant (without alcohol), you will learn mental tools that you can put into practice throughout your life.

If you are still not satisfied with your improvement, you will get your money back in full.   

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Value: €595.00

Join today for only $47!

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