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Frequently asked questions.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between you and your coach. It’s main goal is to help you unlock your potential to maximize your performance, learning and growth.  The Coaching process helps you find strategies to overcome limiting beliefs (I am not good enough, I don't like myself, I will never achieve anything etc.) over a period of time. There is no "one session fixes everything" kind of thing.

How can Coaching help me?

Depending on what you need and what is important to you, coaching can help you build self-awareness, confidence and help you find the resources within you in order to create positive changes in your personal or professional life. 

People who have experienced coaching report discovering valuable new perspectives, making better decisions and feeling better about themselves. It is a relationship built on purpose, trust, personal responsibility and perspective. 

What happens during Coaching?

Your coach supports you by listening deeply, asking questions and giving feedback that will help you to identify and focus on what you really want to achieve and how you are going to get there. Your role is to act on the insights you experience during coaching and put in focused and consistent effort to make positive changes.

Can a Coach tell me how to get what I want?

The job of a coach is not to tell you what to do or how to get there, because that won’t help you develop your self, your skills or your sense of agency. The focus is in helping you develop your own capabilities, resources and solutions so you can learn how to move toward valued goals and create sustainable success. 

With my personality identification, reflective exercises and tools and activities you can further clarify your thinking, generate options and strengthen your sense of self. This approach enables you to make better decisions, gain more meaningful and satisfying outcomes and become a better navigator of your life.

What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Coaching is different from counseling. Many coaches have counseling skills, so they can help you tackle difficult issues and offer an empathic ear. Skilled coaches are trained to help you proactively manage the impact of your thinking, behavior and emotions so you can develop more effective strategies to move forward.  Coaching focuses on your future and development. However, if therapy or psychological support is more appropriate for you now they will advise you to seek the support of a qualified mental health professional.

How do I know if I need a Coach or a Therapist?

If you are looking to just talk about your trauma or only looking to talk about your past then Therapy might be a better option. If you are looking to move forward in life by finding new ways and unlocking your potential then Coaching is for you.

Is any Coach a good fit for me?

Having a good relationship with your coach is imminent to your development. Not every coach will be a perfect fit.  Most coaches offer strategy phone call sessions to see if the both of you are a good fit for one another.  Every great coach has something in common, they all share the mindset of being there to help you and if they know that they are not able to do so, then he or she will tell you.  

How can I get started with a Coach risk free?

Your first step can be as easy as scheduling a strategy call with me.  Looking forward to it.

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