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Leadership Coaching

Lead with passion & empathy

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DiSC Model
Personality Training

Learn about your own personality and how to communicate with others with different personalities.


International Communication Training

Win everyone's attention and their hearts.


The value of managers for the success of a company can hardly be overestimated because managing employees is one of the most demanding and significant tasks within a company. In addition to the purely technical requirements, managers are asked to perform many more tasks: motivating, integrating, developing, coaching, promoting, and challenging employees.


The common denominator here is communication.  It is the decisive competence of modern leadership. Continuous dialog between the manager and the employee is one of the most important levers for increasing an employee's emotional commitment to the workplace. 97% of managers consider themselves to be good and motivating leaders but only 20% of employees feel motivated by the leadership they experience. There's still room for improvement.


When you invest in the development of your leadership team, you automatically invest in each individual employee and their satisfaction. I coach and accompany your managers in their journey of becoming great leaders with the use of emotional leadership training, helping their teams and organization to manage change the right way.

Transformational Change starts with you.