Deliver your message with
clarity and power.


Present in front of people and look great doing it. Learn the strategy behind public speaking.

  • Learn to build the courage to
    present in front of others

  • Increase your self-awareness

  • Take control of your body language

  • Bring emotion in people with
    your voice

  • Captivate your audience with the Info-Trance Method


Present yourself professionally on camera and expand your vocabulary.

  • Lighting techniques to look better

  • Specific vocabulary

  • Lead a virtual meeting successfully

  • How to show your personality

  • Audio techniques and voice for minimizing errors


Speak effectively with clarity, feel confident, and learn to connect with people around the globe.

  • Speak with confidence

  • Lead telephone conferences

  • Present via skype for business/ Zoom

  • Write clear emails

  • Use popular phrases to help you sound more native



Awaken your intercultural competence awareness. Create successful connections.

  • Minimize "Culture-Shock".

  • Expand your tolerance for people

  • Increase your ability to a different perspective

  • Learn to create a process for effective communication

  • Explore different cultural mindsets

  • develop a toolkit for understanding and managing intercultural conflict

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