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Hi, I am Jeury. 
I help leaders increase their team collaboration & engagement.


"We all have the right to be happy at work"

Jeury Tavares is a seasoned professional coach and intercultural communication expert New York USA who is dedicated to helping ambitious individuals and multinational teams achieve their goals with less stress and improved efficiency. Drawing from his diverse experience in large and small organizations, as well as his own entrepreneurial ventures, Jeury has developed a keen understanding of human behavior in challenging situations.

Specializing in leadership development and team dynamics, Jeury offers personalized coaching and interactive workshops designed to enhance intercultural communication, boost productivity, and foster a positive work environment. His flagship program, "The Ultimate Team Communication Workshop," is tailored for European executives managing international teams, providing actionable strategies to transform communication barriers into bridges of success.

Known for his empathy and ability to connect deeply with clients, Jeury creates a safe space for personal growth and professional development. His approach combines gentle guidance with the necessary push to move clients out of their comfort zones, revealing both weaknesses and strengths to catalyze positive change.

Jeury's mission is to transform the way people perceive themselves and interact with others, ultimately enabling them to make a meaningful impact in their careers and the world at large.

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  • Business Coach

       V.I.E.L Coaching & Training

  • Positive Intelligence Coach
    Positive Intelligence Shizard Chamine


  • Solution-focused brief therapy
    Ben Furmann


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Braunschweig Germany

  • Founded P&M Coaching
    International Communication Training & Mental Fitness Coaching

Image by Patrick Rosenkranz

Hamburg Germany

  • Project Manager-Communications 

  • Social Communication Trainer

  • Business Coach Education (V.I.E.L. Hamburg)


New York, USA

  • University Associates degree In Computer Networking Systems

  • Bachelor of Arts. in Education & Communications

  • Founded short-form video production company

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