Jeury is at the forefront of helping you clarify where you are, where you want to go and understand how to improve the way you react to life's circumstances.  As a result, you will be able to move forward faster and with less stress.


His experience working in large and small organizations, as well as running his two businesses has given him the experience to understand people's default patterns in stressful situations.


Today, he focuses on busy men/women who want clarity, feel secure about their abilities, and are stressed about their current situation to the point that it affects their most dear relationships.


His empathy for others and big heart allows him to connect with people at the deepest levels.  Jeury is on a mission to transform the way people feel about themselves so that they can make a positive impact in the world. 


With Jeury you will be pushed out of your comfort zone. You will be uncomfortable. Your mask will be taken off in a safe environment where no one will ever know unless you speak about it. Both your weakness and your greatness will be revealed so that you can start changing your life and career for the better.


New York, USA

Image by Patrick Rosenkranz

Hamburg Germany

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Braunschweig Germany

  • University Associates degree In Computer Networking Systems

  • Bachelor of Arts. in Education Minor in Communications

  • Founded 1st my first video production company

  • Produced VFX for Hollywood

  • Project Manager (int.)

  • Insights Market R/A

  • Int. Communication Trainer

  • Business Coach Education (V.I.E.L. Hamburg)

  • Founded P&M Coaching Systems- An International Communication Training & Mental Fitness Coaching company.

  • Founded an internal communication video production service.