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Life Coaching in Braunschweig

Helping You
Achieve Positive
Long-Lasting Change 


Three ways I can help you

Leadership Coaching

1-1 Confidential space for you to explore new ideas, yourself and your purpose as a leader. 


My strength is in finding the unique brilliance you bring to the table and creating the space for you to evolve. 


All you need to bring is your desire to improve and your commitment. 

Team Collaboration

Your team needs a clear vision, strategies and accountability in order to improve results.

Let's get your team aligned and connected so that they can help you achieve greater impact and feel better in the process. 

Intercultural Communication

Working across borders often leads to miscommunication, headaches and a lack of real team work. 


This Workshop prepares your employees to communicate with people across borders with ease and flow.  Finally close the culture gap avoid miscommunication and increase productivity. 

Improve self-awareness, identify blind spots and fine-tune a growth mindset


Jeury is a great trainer and offers high-quality personalized coaching sessions. He is amicable, patient, and offers practical advice to the existing problems. I have been associated with his personalized coaching sessions for the past six months and have seen noticeable changes in the way I think and handle situations. I would strongly recommend those who are looking anyone who wishes to get better at both professional and personal level.


—  Sagar V.

Here is your bonus free assessment that will show you which character holds you back the most.  

(Mine was the pleaser.  I wonder what yours is)

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